High Performance Insulated Glass
Floor To Ceiling Structural Mullions
White Or Bronze Baked Enamel Finish
Curved Eave Patio Room. Pleasanton, CA
Variable Pitch Roof
Straight Eaved Patio Room. Fremont, CA
Designed To Fit Under Existing Eaves
Curved Eave Patio Room. Orinda, CA
Invisable Electrical Raceway System;
Gabled Patio Room. Pittsburg, CA
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Louvered Patio Covers
Fremont, CA
Each electrical system comes with a ground fault
interrupter (GFI).
Patio Rooms & Garden Rooms
System flexibility allows for your personal design.
Curved Eave Garden Room
Pittsburg, CA
Sliding Glass Doors
A curved eave Garden Room combines
the solid roof of the traditional "patio
enclosure" with the curved glass wall
systems of a Sunroom. This provides
additional protection in extremely hot
climates and is more moderately priced.
Thirty-Six Inch Pedestrian Door
Napa, CA
Gable Style Patio Room
Alameda, CA
Dual Outswinging French Doors (6' x 6'8")
Gable style Patio Rooms blend seamlessly with exisiting
gabled roof lines. The front peak glass wall lets in more
light, provides greater views and creates a more spacious
San Lorenzo, CA
Livermore, CA
Security Dead Bolts
"Sunblock" Solar Window Screens
Removable Screens
Insulated Kickplates; Glass Or Solid
Tinted Windows Or French Windows
Exterior Porch Lights
Exterior Weatherproof Electrical Outlets
Pet Doors
Decorator Designed Interiors And Exteriors
Weather-tight interlocks are fully weather-stripped to eliminate wind blow-by
Multi-level window sills prevent water overflow even in the
heaviest of rain storms
Patio Room Features:
Straight or "Traditional" Eave Patio Room
Whatever your needs may be this room is sure to fill them. It is the perfect
blend of beauty, practical design and serviceability. Plus, it is reasonably
priced. Whether you are looking for a family room, a play area for the
kids, office space or a pool enclosure, you'll want to inquire about this
type of patio construction. Ask how it can be modified and creatively
designed for your particular situation.
It is incredible how open and spacious this
type of room feels due to the open views
provided by the glass radius. Truly a
year-round room!
Orinda, CA
Pleasanton, CA
This patio room in Alameda, CA
allows the homeowner to take advantage
of their waterfront property all year long.
This patio room
provides a resort like
feel with the bay
License #693274
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